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Goodgame empire Update Suggestion

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Goodgame empire Update Suggestion

Post by Gast on Tue Oct 09, 2012 9:27 am

I posted this suggestion on the GGE Forum and wanted to know what you guys think of it:

OK so GGE seems to try to keep the game somewhat realistic while still keeping the game fun. i just don't see how the attacks are realistic? it can take hours for your army to reach a castle but then a second later all you get is a message saying you won or lost. In reality these battles would take hours or even days. That's why I think there should be a battle timer. The more tools you use and the bigger your army the faster you can get through the gates, over the walls and raid the keep. This would work both ways, defence tools and soldiers slows the attacking army too. This could allow for group attacks/defence, an update that people have been asking for sense the beginning of the game.Very Happy

Defence idea
Sometimes i see an attack coming to one of my alliance members but it is just too late for me to help them and it's very frustrating. However if attacks took longer than a second then maybe there could be a way that support troops could still help. example.... it will take an attacking army 2 minutes to get through the moat, 2 mins to get through the wall/gate and 2 minutes to raid the keep. so if the support defences get to their ally 2 minutes into the battle the extra support would be placed on the wall and in the keep. if they arrive after 4 minutes of the battle they would just fight in the keep.

Attacking idea
The people who decide what ideas to add into the game don't seem to like group attacks and i can kinda understand why. if an alliance with 59 members send a group attack at you then nothing can really stop it. But i think the usual suggestion is that all the attacking army's travel together in one huge group. So that doesn't really happen with my suggestion. All of the attacking army's have to get to the target separately. The first army to reach the target starts the battle and the others join as it goes on through the castle. This means that the attackers will have to be well organised and on time. (not just one huge army smashing through everything)

I think this could make for great battles between big alliances. With every army that joins the battle the more glory that each player will win and the loot for both attackers and defenders would be shared evenly. This could even be better for the defending castle if he loses. Usually when the defender loses he keeps 10%of his troops i think, then the next army attacks and now he only has 10% of that 10% and on and on and on..................... This way he will only be in one battle so he keeps 10% of his original army.

Potentially these attacks could go on forever. as long as there are still soldiers fighting more army's can arrive and keep the battle going for their side. Maybe the attackers could also be pushed back in certain situations. like if the attack had moved to the keep and more defence troops arrive they could be pushed back to the castle wall. I'm going to stop now, my hands are sore from typing^^


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Re: Goodgame empire Update Suggestion

Post by Gast on Sat Oct 20, 2012 11:00 am

i dont know if anyone read this but it's been going around in the forum, more stuff has been added to it and people seem to really like it. i'm trying to get the developers to take a look at it now and get some feedback from them and hopefully get it added to the game. Here's the link to it in the forum:

And again i'd love to know what you think about it


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Re: Goodgame empire Update Suggestion

Post by joe96 on Thu Nov 01, 2012 4:00 pm

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Would be very useful if they added my idea.


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Re: Goodgame empire Update Suggestion

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